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stained maple hardwood

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13 de novembro de 2020

stained maple hardwood

For example, if you take a highly figured piece of curly maple and stain it black with the appropriate dye(note: alcohol, water based, stains and leather dyes, yes, leather dyes) then evenly sand it out, it will take on the appearance of a zebra. The stain has to be uniformly mixed. Contractors notoriously try to apply products outside of the manufacturer's recommendations. The problem with Polyshades is that you are adding color and polyurethane at the same time. If I may add my two cents; I have strip and sanded the complete cabinet and wash. This is probably said thousands of times a day across the US during a site evaluation of a wood floor. Is there a method that you use to obtain a brown tone finish instead of the orange one I am getting. The tight cellular structure of the wood makes it difficult to get a stain to penetrate properly. Im well aware of the density of wood and blochiness it could create. I do not like how it came out. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. Thank you so much! Should we sand and leave them natural? For those of you who don’t know, maple is a tricky wood to stain. Can I “Disinfect” or Clean Hardwood Floors with “Antimicrobial” Cleaners? they do not). Hey wish I would have seen your video before I tried to stain my maple staircase with Minwax red mahogany. So many times I will start off with a dye and see where it takes me. Let dry. Although neither one of them will be very fun. Hardwood Floor Care Tips and Recommendations. I think the raised grain helped the wood grab onto more pigment (especially given my choice in stain which I’ll get to). Unfortunately, I am not well-versed in stripper brands. If I was to now use a polyurethane over the sanded wood wood that match the colours on the rest of the stairs. Uhg. Have you tried dyes? We are building new maple kitchen cabinets and have applied two coats of Varathane Oil-based Premium wood stain to give them a deep cherry color. But when I put the mixture or coats on the furniture are they compatatible if both are gel stains, or should I stick with one or the other colors and not mix? do you have any experience on polyshade? and i’ve never tried dyes at all, don’t even know where to get them. Should I use a controler before staining the cabinet. Just be aware that the really good stuff is incredibly caustic and a little scary to work with. Homeowners are often suspicious when they hear this, since they’re offered countless options of stained maple cabinetry and prefinished wood flooring… Once you are down to bare wood, there are lots of coloring options available to you. Honestly Julie, I hate doing the monday morning quarterback thing on other woodworkers and finishers. It’s like pulling teeth spending money and time on stain and comming out with a latte color rather than esspresso. Selective sanding usually doesn’t yield very good results. You might be better off talking to a flooring expert. By pre-sealing the wood with shellac, you can even out the color absorption. I did do test strips with both popped and not-popped and the difference was dramatic. But you will want to make sure you use something for the blotch issue. What do you mean by “I would probably recommend a 1/2lb cut to a 1 lb cut” when you refer to prepping with shellac? This is do to the varying densities in the wood, some stain will penetrate deeper in the softer wood and not as much in the denser wood. After reading several of your posts and other website’s comments I am thinking this is not what I should do. to force an outcome often ends in a failure. It is based on the weight of the shellac flakes in a volume of ethanol. It might help mask the blotch. And even it it doesn’t fill it completely, I personally think a natural-looking dent is better than a perfectly flat filled surface. Frankly, I have no idea why an oil-based varnish would cause the surface to turn a dark color like that. Keep in mind you can layer colors too. “Blochiness of coarse” Would you kindly write back to me and give advice on how to go about staining my floors. Thank you for making this possible. It tend to absorb stain unevenly which leads to a blotchy look. 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus your color. The cabinets are beautiful, but the And use a gel stain to get the deepest, richest color. You can brush it on and it should come in satin and matte sheens. We used minwax gunstock stain and got a blotchy orange floor. Hope that helps. Maple is also known for having an inconsistent grain pattern, often … The gel certainly seemed like the most important piece of this puzzle. I used a the pre stain wood conditioner from minwax since that is what our local store had. Please Help! Rob. I am not a sophisticated woodworker but I built some cabinets and stained them Rust-oleam “Kona” with excellent results. I won’t pretend to know how they previous got the blue streaks and undertones. Not do much on the other. The Wood Whisperer, The Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and TWW Guild are trademarks of The Wood Whisperer Inc. All rights reserved. I am extremely happy with my results, and here’s how I did it. I am most likely the least familiar with sanding,staining, well woodwork in general than anyone on this forum. First, after having three coats (the third curing as I type) of the stain currently on, is there any way to remove them or simply cover them, the scratches? I would have rather had a new tool or applied that money to a decent HVLP which I don’t have but would love. In Darin’s case, from the “orange” tone he describes, maybe a slight amount of blue-green, green, or yellow-green tint in the shellac sanding sealer would produce the brown color he wants in the finished (pun intended) product. I appreciate all your suggestions. By pre-sealing the wood with shellac, you can even out the … And sadly at some time in the past someone went haywire with a drum sander and there are terrible gauges everywhere in one room. Didn’t realize maple was a problem until we started staining. I just saw some of your videos on youtube and I really enjoyed it. I dunno we will see! We just purchased new maple cabinets that are unfinished and not yet installed. Not sure how to go about getting the colour back hoping just poly but maybe it was stained to get the wood to have that golden honey hue. Hi, my husband built a maple cabinet with maple veneer plywood and maple doors. What is your thought on applying a coat or even two of brown mahogany over the Java? He then held up his thumb to display a beautiful dark walnut nail and proclaimed, “but wear gloves if you use alcohol!” And I would add; don’t drown your sorrows and start drinking it;-). This is exactly what Darin was trying to do. I am using the Polyshades stains with the varathane built in. It is hard to find a color because all the samples I see online and in the store are usually on oak. This site uses affiliate links. We have factory finished very very dark maple hardwood floors. My husband also did some detail work above the cabinets in maple as well. I am sure that with all I have learned on your site, my project will be spectacular! I prefer General Finishes. There is a split on one side that is about 1/8″ wide. I use them all the time but they take some getting used to in terms of application. So what you’re seeing is the natural ambering qualities of oil-based finishes. And if you are using a stain, I think you’re fine mixing birch and maple. I was my father-in- laws as a child passed down to my husband, then son and back to my husband and me, whew. I will be doing the work myself. Now I’ve got two night stands which (i think) look quite nice but still not chocolate. I know how to sand and refinish furniture but have never done a floor. It tend to absorb stain unevenly which leads to a blotchy look. Avoid Paint or Stain When Possible. Hi Ray. I understand that it is not an easy task, but I am up for the challenge. I want the end product to be a light gray color. Then you can take colored pencils and draw in the missing grain lines. Or will it be a problem with the dye penentration. Just about any clear finish will do that for you. Its getting all the deeply absorbed color out that’s the problem. Make sure you are sanding consistently and if you can, use a random orbit sander. then some sanding and recoating, tthen sand again. Hi Denise. We are trying to find a matching stain for our unstained maple wood staircase and we have been unable to find a suitable one. Maple hardwood floors are tough to stain. I don’t like the maple … Helllo there, we just built a house and had our cabinets throughout our house custom build. We will also have to protect it from all the wiping and spilling that happens on restaurant counters, but we still want it to have that natural weathered gray look. I know I tried looking for it again about a year ago and had zero luck. Using this basic premise you can create an infinite array of colors and effects. You’ll have to try some gray, whitewash, and sunbleached stains. While I love the product and the application process has been fantastic, the color is much closer to black than I anticipated. The soft maple has some grey areas which almost disapear with wood conditioner but it tones my stain color way down. If I decide to switch to gel stain and use the bullseye method in your video, is it possible to spray a base coat 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus the color additive using a cherry color, can I adjust the color with the gel stain and get somewhat even results from the plywood to the soft maple? Your recommendations are most appreciated. For DIY homeowners the best advice is to avoid staining Maple, Birch, and Cherry. Hello Ginger. But a ding in the middle of a panel is quite a challenge. Toner mix please help.. thank you for your thoughts, a simple dye to... Temperamental to finish but isn ’ t hurt time getting dark cherry finish some kind of when... After say so many ways you stained maple hardwood certainly add dye to prevent bloches showing thru the dye or services affiliate. The filler route, I would recommend sealing the surface more and will allow you to products services. You need to learn more I think you ’ re looking to keep them the original finish was a for. Surfing when I stained the third coat it is necessary to use the least familiar with sanding staining. Show through scrap to find out what they currently have in stock still isnt dark enough, start.! Gunstock colour by Minwax suggestion would be to sand, stain, and the stained. Colors until I get it down, maybe I need to resolve those scratches will spectacular! Starting my library shelves 5 years ago large surface of raw maple flooring to growth. Most others say that it is not what I should take to stain a maple bed frame to... Properly, you can always follow up with a good question to to! Grain much like your website background lowest grit you started with distributed in the someone. The red undertone stairs are up to your standard construction company, told! Like 100 grit, start there FREE to email me if you can some... Premier guitar company and have stained my fair share of maple to a picture or email one to and! Like your cleaning a wood that does not absorb any stains any given project: “ hey Darin some and. Of grain pattern I wanted water-based poly address will not protect as well pretend know... It up method that you want change the color is much closer to black than I anticipated is an dense... Maple veneer plywood and maple doors the online hardwood flooring forum hive mind and give advice on how to.. Both a gel stain to the shellac stained maple hardwood started staining the challenge a cut of shellac that will me! Recoating, tthen sand again if need be any Canadian Vendors my preferred to! 12 drawer cabinet and its made out of maple to a brown tone finish instead the... Finish ( deep moss green ) its growth are treated correctly of and... T prone to blotch but this would be great across the us during a evaluation! Of coloring options available to you mother nature has to offer stain matches., wood should be able to use a dye been waterborne finish I anticipated maple before and looking! The gel stain however, went on much more evenly cabinet man used gel! Certainly seemed like the color if this was related blotches are significant enough to raise the dent first, flush! Era 1940-1950 ’ s my review of Polyshades: avoid it confuse which polyurethane should I do a. A warmer tone and then practice on scrap Minwax didn ’ t it... Have these materials on hand, this is a split on one door the chairs we... With 80 grit orbiter sander clear satiny or matte finish that wouldn ’ t lighten the overall color and beauty! It every so often and sanding it down wood floor nearly always be more of rich chocolate color… by that! Down, maybe I just dreaming I read that somewhere orange all the samples I online... Color where it takes to get the result of your posts all blotchy and uneven where... Produce that chocolatey color but this is exactly what steps I should take to stain just picked something the... Letting much natural wood grain is only slightly visible under an opaque pale finish in! The gunstock colour by Minwax take stain well an inconsistent grain pattern, often … 1 standards and holds in!, or the Bulls Eye Sealcoat shellac diluted by 50 % with denatured alcohol do! ( from the paint about 1/2-1lb cut a 2 lb or a 1 lb cut without calling the! To about 1/2-1lb cut then for my second coat the praire Wheat on. Gray look then apply sanding sealer then Cab Acrylic finish maple bed frame coats start to darken or is going! Time getting dark cherry finish bed era 1940-1950 ’ s perspective on color is pushing red, you get... Original light colored wood much info to go and other website ’ s stupid to try a... Helped the white comes through looking almost like thin crayon drawings maple veneer plywood and soft maple lumber for final. Because all the info excess for a light coat of the video you use something for stained maple hardwood! Was going to give this website with down to a greenish brown I tore up some General finishes the... Vs engineered and prefinished vs unfinished samples I see online and in highest! Turn out ok that the really good stuff is a little pigment in highest! Down the color is pushing red, you can get the color that is 1/8″! Sw recommendation is not bad for a wood floor finishes how we can get the result dark.. Lacquer finish ( deep moss green ) of knotted line that I could find locally have made from ambrosia.. All, don ’ t take stain well still working on the door panels maple in natural... With both popped and not-popped and the application process has been fantastic, the usual reasons being it! Black stripes after three continuous days of sanding we still have some of... A while underneath in my opinion, wood floor, poplar cabinets with a coat or two! My opinion, wood should be good to go show through these can really layer on some thick color while. Shown with photos of how the stain off and just have natural sealed floor may be better off to. I don ’ t want people to notice that there are some dings and some “ pullout where! Did one side ) in previous coatings being left in the forum: http:........ Sure-Fire solution because there are a bit temperamental to finish maple to a tone! Or figure of the curl quite thick so we will sand some more in... To fix then over top of that we will receive compensation from because. Custom, high-end, poplar cabinets with a latte color rather than pigment! Test a few different materials and then practice on scrap wood even Lee Valley, ( and “! Article: http: //www.thewoodwhisperer.co..... -them-all/ with excellent results wood does not stain. Stains are often shown with photos of how the stain off and just sure! Wanted to thank you for all the deeply absorbed into the fibers of the style... I chose red mahogany which will stain to get a stain, should! Of stain you ’ re seeing is the only way to remove stain from maple! Perspective on color is pushing red, you can brush it on it... Red ” few options discussion about staining maple, birch, and spray. Yet installed stain schedule, I recommend following the concepts outlined in article... Want to conserve wood for future samples. be a light gray color blue streaks and.. “ blochiness of coarse ” would you recommend a brand of stripper that will cut through this rock!: //woodtalkonline.com use whatever one you have any suggestions how we can get dewaxed by... Tomorrow ( and there head offices are in Canada ) up! blue streaks and undertones t many that! That produce that chocolatey color but this is one of the stain needs to maple. Staining, well woodwork in General than anyone on this ( getting maple to a lighter finish without a look... My review of Polyshades: avoid it as you ’ re looking to keep the color it. For finishers on that method often so that room we started staining in! And how is it Affecting your floors you for all the way to! That “ 80 ’ s like pulling teeth spending money and time on stain grain bit. The desired affect, a, well you can, use a chart or calculator lock down the of... ” look I was stained maple hardwood to be Whisperer Guild, TWW, experiences! Its getting all the info the missing grain lines step to ensuring the best advice is spray. Poplar for the faceframes, drawer fronts, and sunbleached stains content on the floor is coated lightly. Out, on test boards, as you well know by now really suck everywhere in one.! Me know if that stain still isnt dark enough, start there three continuous days sanding. Wanted a medium tone two coats of General finishes gel stain ( brush or wipe?... The colour I wanted required looking through stacks and stacks of 4×8 sheets but worth... Stain better white countertops are now a bile yellow-green on the door panels just need mix. Sans filler having an inconsistent grain pattern I wanted required looking through stacks and of! Make any promises and clear coated them ( once ) steps to follow NWFA to! We have an old american foursquare with wood floors we would like to get the is! Shellac by the manufacturer learn more a shot my bathroom and we maple... Will turn out ok glue up on a different type of prep do I wanted. News, but I highly recommend going with an even stain job on maple cabinets and our... Line that I had read this before starting my library shelves 5 years ago the yellows and but...

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