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travel and tourism course in jnu

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travel and tourism course in jnu

Introduction: Meaning of HRM, Difference between HRM and Personnel Management (PM); Evolution and Development of the Field of HRM; Role of Human Resource Management in a Competitive Business Environment; Strategic Human Resource Management. The course aims to impart skills and enable students to apply design principles for creating effective visualizations that coincide with industry requirements. and Ronkainen, I.A., 2013. D. Given below are the tables mentioning undergraduate and postgraduate courses which candidates can refer Elements of manufacturing /operations strategy, Critical issues in choice of technology: flexibility, ‘appropriateness’, energy and non-renewable resources conservation, humanistic, social and other aspects: New technology transfer, absorption and adoption, constraints in India. Importance of energy in the process of economic development; Factors determining demand for energy; Effects of energy shortage; Energy conservation; Renewable and non-conventional sources of energy; Efficient energy options; Energy policy in Indian context. The course would emphasize on strategic aspects of decision making involved in process and technology choices, investment options, level of technology absorption and the derived competitive advantages particularly in Indian context. and King, D., 2008. Theories of personality, Brand personality – Indian brands, Self and Self-Image, Personality, Lifestyles (VALS) and Psychographics, Consumer Involvement and values. Rosenzweig, Mark R. and Oded Stark,Handbook of Population and Family Economics, Elsevier, 2019. Brand Identity Prism, Brand Building Models, Brand Positioning & Values, Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning, Updating Positioning Over Time, Defining and Establishing Brand Values, Internal Branding, Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity, Brand Element Choice Criteria, Brand Element Options & Tactics, Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity, New Perspectives on Marketing, Product Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Channel Strategy. Farris, P.W., Bendle, N., Pfeifer, P. and Reibstein, D., 2010. Product management is the process of making the right product, to solve the right problem for the right person at the right time. Investment Report: Nature of Bank Investment, Role of Insurance Agents, Meaning and Definition of Agents, Recruitment and Selection of Agents, Training of Agents, Duties of Agents, Code of Conduct for Agents, Rights of Agents, Essential Qualifications for Successful Agents, Termination of Agents. HR Functional / process related metrics: Workforce planning metrics, HR Deployment metrics, Recruitment metrics; Selection metrics, Performance metrics, Training / Learning metrics. Export & Import – Introduction, Definitions. Introduction, over view and growing importance of Strategic Marketing. Special Features of Company’s Financial Statements; Preparation of Financial Statements of Companies as per the Provisions of Companies Act, 1956. Objective: The objective of this paper is to make students aware about corporate environment and its effect on entrepreneurship. Objective:To make students conversant with the procedure, techniques, and tools to conduct research to facilitate management in decision making activity. National Indicators: National Income Aggregates and their Measurement; Inflation: Nature and Causes; Fiscal Policy: Taxes and Transfer of Payments, Role of Fiscal Policy; Monetary Policy: Role of Monetary Policy in India, Instruments of Monetary Control; Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Balance of Payments. New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has proposed a course that aims to make Sanskrit a more employable option for students. Direct marketing: Inclusive and Exclusive shops for retail outlets – Chain Stores – Discount Stores – Retailing through the internet – role of IT. Time Value of Money and Personal Financial Statements: Meaning and calculation of present value and future value of money. Public sector innovation. Learning to Fly: Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organizations/Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell. At the completion of the first two semesters of the first year and before the commencement of the third semester in the second year the student is required to undergo summer training in an organisation.A report based on the summer training shall be submitted within six weeks from the commencement of the third semester. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, MB 33701:Corporate Restructuring (3 Credits). Knowledge management and organization design, Emphasis on people vs. emphasis on technology in managing knowledge and its impact on organization design, and understanding how organization structure can affect knowledge management. Satyabhushan., 2015. Mukerji, S.K., Khan, A.S. and Singh, Y.P., 2018. Strategy Formulation: Concept, Process & Affecting Factors. The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946. MB 33315 Psychometric Testing and HR skills (3 Credits). Objective: This course has been designed to provide conceptual understanding on the Rural Marketing with special reference to Indian context and develop skills required to planning for rural product. Winding up and amalgamation of Banks; Powers to control advances; Monetary and Credit Policies; Selective credit controls; Interest rate policies and directives; Statutory Audit and Inspections; Supervision and control functions; Board of financial supervision and its scope and role; Disclosure of accounts and Balance sheets; Submission of returns etc. Murphy, H.A., Hildebrandt, H.W. Retailing & wholesaling, Urban/Rural retail formats, Internet as a Channel & e-retailing, Cash-n-carry, Technology in retailing, Franchising- Concepts, opportunities, Multiplex Marketing and Distribution. Understanding Multimedia Marketing: Understanding Podcasts, Web Videos, Incorporating Multimedia into Promotion Mix, Podcast Marketing: Creating a Podcast: the Marketing Strategy, Distribution and Promotion of Podcasts, Video Marketing: YouTube Marketing, Creating Compelling Content, Promoting YouTube Videos—Organically, Advertising of YouTube Videos, Tracking Multimedia Marketing Performance: Tracking Podcast Performance, Tracking Video Performance, Mobile Marketing, Understanding Mobile Marketing: Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy, Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website, Creating a Mobile Website , Advertising on Mobile Devices: Creating a Mobile Ad, Targeting the Mobile Customer, Marketing via Mobile Apps: Building an Effective Mobile App, Tracking Mobile Marketing Performance: Tracking the Performance of a Mobile Website, Tracking the Performance of Mobile Advertising, Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Apps. Join Today! Advertising: Media Selection Models, Pay per Click (PPC) Online Advertising, Text Mining: Giving Structure to Unstructured Text, Applying Text Mining in Real Life, Sentiment Analysis, Viral Marketing, Networks, Importance of a node, Watt’s model, Model building for viral marketing. McIntire, SA and Miller, LA. This is also intended to give a broad understanding and introduction to the field of Information Security Management, including current commercial and financial security issues and areas of concern. &Saccuzzo, D.P. Provide advice on flight, accommodation and tour products, and how to ensure travelers fulfill necessary travel requirements. With respect to registration, renewal, revocation, remedies in case of infringement, etc. Bovée, C.L., Thill, J.V. Understanding supervised learning algorithms. Learning Organizations and Knowledge Management. Bertsekas, D.P., 1997. Importance of performance management and appraisal systems, Understanding linkages between Strategy, organizational structure. JNU Courses 2020 Jawaharlal Nehru University offers various programmes including UG, PG, M. Phil and Ph. Innovation and Design, Important Considerations for Service Innovation, Types of Service Innovation, Stages in Service Innovation and Development, Service Blueprinting, Customer Defined Service Standards: Factors Necessary for Appropriate Service Standards, Types of Customer-Defined Service Standards, Development of Customer-Defined Service Standards,  Physical Evidence and Servicescape: Physical Evidence, Types of Servicescape, Strategic Roles of the Servicescape, Framework for Understanding Servicescape Effects on Behaviour, Guidelines for Physical Evidence Strategy. Introduction to data science – data science process, Introduction to R: Basics of R - Basic Math, Variables, Basic data types, Vectors, Advanced Data Structure – Matrices, Factors, List, Data Frames; Loading data into R - Data input, Importing data from Excel, Importing data from Web, Graphics in R - Bar graph, Scatter plots, Corrograms, Data Pre-processing: Data cleaning, handling missing values and outliers, measures of centre & spread, Data Transformation: Need for transformations, min-max transformations, Z-scores, transforming categorical variables into numeric variables, binning numerical variables, Data Exploration: Data Exploration exploring numeric variables, exploring categorical variables, deriving new variables. Questionnaires: Characteristics, Functions and Types. Control: Personnel Research and Audit; Human Resource Accounting; Human Resource Information System; Managing Generation – Y Employees; International Human Resource Management. Why study e-commerce? Agriculture, Seasonal Unemployment and Economic Development Policy. Formalized process and an understanding and anticipation of competitive response mechanisms, instituted skilled pricing organizations and pricing processes, ethical and legal considerations that are important in making pricing decisions. The School also accepts international students; the rules and procedures for their admission can be found on the JNU website:, Types of Objective and their overall Hierarchy, Setting of Objective, key areas involved. ** In the III semester, students are expected to take any two of the Theory and Aesthetics courses as compulsory courses, as well as two optional courses. MB 33214: Strategic Marketing (3 Credits). Text mining, social customer relationship management, text mining for communication and reputation management, Big data, Internet of things,Mobile Marketing, E-marketing, Internet marketing strategy, content marketing, MB 33901:Technology and Innovation Management (3 Credits). Areas of applications of optimization. MB 33115: Working Capital Management (3 Credits). Hume, D., 1957. Mitchell, T.M., 1997. Strategy Implementation: Components of a strategic plan, barriers to implementation of strategy, Mintzberg’s 5 Ps – Deliberate & Emergent Strategies , Mc Kinsey’s 7s Framework Organization Structures for Strategy Implementation: entrepreneurial, functional, divisional, SBU, Matrix, Network structures, Cellular/ Modular organization, matching structure to strategy, organizational design for stable Vs. turbulent environment, Six Sigma – Process consisting of defining, measuring, analysing, improving & establishing steps, Lean Six Sigma (Concepts only) . Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd, Mumbai, Uzzaman& Sherwani (2000). International Projects and Multinational Groups:  Strategies and Objective of Multinational Groups; Organizations of Multinational Groups; Criteria used in Evaluation of Multinational Groups; Different Types of Project; Importance and Participants of International Project Financing; Risk in International Projects. The travel and tourism sector contributed 319 million jobs to the economy in 2018. Managing Process Flows, Introduction to Queuing and Simulation, Modeling and Simulating Business Processes, Input and Output Data Analysis, Optimizing Business Process Performance, Process Benchmarking with Data Envelopment Analysis, Process Innovation, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Governing BPM Efforts, Process Management Maturity. Malhotra, N., Hall, J., Shaw, M. and Oppenheim, P., 2006. Cooperative games: Nash bargaining solution, concepts of core, shapely value etc. Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, 2007. Big Data, Opportunity and Challenges, Analytics and Forecasting. Growth of cities in India, looking to the future, Economic analysis transport: Economic theory, transport as an economic activity, cost of transport, pricing of transport services, law of diminishing returns and economics of scale, transport policy and development in a changing environment, assessment of present and proposed transport policy and legislation, environment cost of transport, transport regulation. Course Structure: 1: SAA 414     Introduction to Film Studies (Compulsory), 2: SAA 501     Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies (Compulsory), 3:SAA 405      Methods, Materials and Meaning in Visual Art (Compulsory), 4: SAA 440     Critical Writing for the Arts (Compulsory), 1: SAA 465     Indian Cinema Past and Present (Compulsory), 2: SAA 574     History of Performance: The Indian Context (Compulsory), 3: SAA 401     Indian Art and Architecture from Proto-history to the Eighteenth Century (Compulsory), 1. Rural Marketing-Concept and Practices Tata McGraw. Market Basket Analysis using Association Rules. Managing Transitions: The HRD Response. Discovering Association Rules in Transactional DB,Generating candidate rules using Apriori Algorithm, Eclat Algorithm, Selecting Strong Rules, Support, Confidence and Lift statistics. Regulatory Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions, MB 33702:Corporate Strategic Management (3 Credits). Bitcons, PPIs, Business Service Infrastructure – Directory services, Search Engines. Overview of Analytics, Marketing Analytics, The Data – Information – Knowledge Continuum, Forecasting - Demand forecasting using expert modeller, building the basic model, an additive model with trends and seasonality, Forecasting new product sales – The Bass Diffusion Model. Sundharam,Public Economics and Public Finance, Rattan Prakashan, 2017. The course also helps to develop skills of handling a client and develop insight into some areas of consulting. IT for Competitive Advantage: Role of Internet and Emerging Technologies; IT Enabled Services; Seamless Organizations; Virtual Corporations; Web Enabled Computing as a Strategic Tool; Outsourcing as a Strategic Alternative; International Information Systems. Introduction to Marketing: Nature and Scope of Marketing, Marketing Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Customer Value, Holistic Marketing;Marketing Environment: Environmental monitoring, Understanding the impact of Macro and Micro environment on Marketing, Global Marketing; Emerging Fields of Marketing: Green Marketing,Digital Marketing, Viral Marketing, Neuro Marketing. MB 33217: Integrated Marketing Communication (3 Credits). SPRINGER NATURE. Some Concepts of Indian Culture. Information Technology act,2000 Introduction, Digital Signature, Electronic Governance, cybercrimes and remedies. Patna: Bharati Bhavan. Investment Planning objectives – Retirement planning, tax saving, capital growth, liquidity and safety Investment. Fisher, A.C.: Resource and Environmental Economics, Cambridge University Press, 1981. Issues relating to public debt; Sources of internal and external public debt;Danger of high internal or external public debt; Safe limit of public debt; Debt burden analysis and management of public debt; Federal finance in India; Allocation of revenue resources between centre and state under constitution; Finance Commissions in India and changing recommendations; Budgetary deficit vs. fiscal deficit; FiscalPolicy. Compensation and Benefits metrics, Employee Relations metrics; Qualitative and Quantitative HR outcome metrics (Attrition, Absenteeism, Job satisfaction, employee engagement, perceptions and attitude. MB 33908: Knowledge Management (3 Credits). IT Architecture: Information Infrastructure; Legal Issues and National Information Infrastructure. Marketing strategy implementation, evaluation & control. Growing role of Service Industry in terms of impact, size & reach. Travel and Tourism Online Courses Embark on the most incredible career journey and explore one of the world’s most dynamic modern industries. Bantom Books New York. (eds. Objective: To make the students understand the basic concepts of Financial Accounting and preparation of Financial Statements with their analysis. Objective: The objective of this course is to familiarize students with both theory and industry practice in Business Marketing involving key issues in B2B Marketing. Philosophical Frameworks for Ethical Decisions: Normative theories of ethics-Utilitarianism & Kant’s ethos, Distributive Justice and Economic wealth, Islam and Business ethics, Asian spiritual philosophies of Vedanta, Taoism & Buddhism. Historical Phases of Corporate Social Responsibility, Perspectives of CSR. Introduction to the course and the pedagogy, Introduction to knowledge management, Understanding the significance of KM through a discussion on theories of the firm, Understanding the history, and the close relationship of KM with other concepts. 4. [Sl]. MB 33313 Training and Development (3 Credits). Yale University Press. Strategy-Finance-Valuation Trilogy, Real Options & Brand Valuation, which is the appropriate method to use? Klafehn, J., Banerjee, P.M. and Chiu, C.Y., 2008. (2011). ); Safety issues and “optimal” safety provision; Urban transportation problems like road congestion, parking difficulties, environmental concerns, difficulties for pedestrians, road accidents, over-crowding on public transit in the peak hours, etc. (2000). Hoffmann, A. J., Woody, J. G. (2008). MB 33107: Derivatives Management (3 Credits). Introduction to Financial Services and Products. Dumas, M., La Rosa, M., Mendling, J. and Reijers, H.A., 2013. Solomon, M.R. The NCDEX platform – Structure, exchange membership, risk management, clearing and settlement system and commodities traded on the NCDEX platform. Tata McGraw Hill. Concept; Structure and Functions of Capital Market; Primary Market – Concept, Instruments of Issue and Methods of Floatation; Secondary Market – Concept, Market Players, Trading System and Settlement. Kolstad, Charles D., Environmental Economics, Oxford University Press, 2012. Different types of advertisements – layout – design appeal –copy structure – advertisement production –print – Radio. Social media strategy and campaign against a target market’s preferred outlets and measure engagement for Conversation, Amplification, and Applause. Marketing of Consultancy Services, Future Challenges and Opportunities in Consultancy. Strategy Process Model - Strategic Analysis, Strategic Objectives, Strategy Formulation (Key decisions) and Strategy Implementation and investments, Building-up e-commerce presence – System analysis and planning, system design, Building the system (Hardware, Software, Applications and Mobile Apps), System testing, Maintenance. 2014. : Banks’ brokerage, mutual funds, insurance over-the-counter; Pre-Need’s insurance riders, loans, etc. Iron and Steel, Cotton textiles, Jute, Sugar, Coal, Cement and other heavy engineering industries; Cottage industries, SSI and MSMEs; Public Sector Enterprises in India, their performance and problems; Industrial sickness and exit policy; Role of BIFR; Industrial productivity in India and other countries; Industrial capacity utilization in India. Bray, T. (2012). MB 33601:Operations Management (3 Credits). Bassi, L., Carpenter, R., &McMurrer, D. (2012).HR Analytics Handbook. Pricing models - auction models, bid structures, dynamic yield and revenue management tools, price optimization software. Travel and Tourism is a growing industry with jobs being created worldwide every day. Conceptual Framework of Ethics: ethical considerations in everyday business, Business ethics as corporate governance tool, the costs of being unethical, profit maximization versus corporate social responsibility, capitalism and free economy, Corporate Governance- Concept, Theories associated with CG. The course contents are based on principles and values enshrined in the epic literature and folklore and draws from Indian Vedanta, Buddhism and Jainism. All rights reserved. Crucial components in the delivery of financial services, i.e., channels used, the cost of delivery, and role of information technology, Pricing for Value added Services, Regulatory control on pricing, Value added services as differentiators and additional streams of revenue, the promotion mix and messages for different product domains and various target audience. Jacobs, F.R., Chase, R.B. Measurement of Personality: Meaning and Purpose, Tools of Personality Assessment, Measurement of Interests, Values and Attitudes, Application of various psychological assessments in organizational setting. Evolution of sales management, Economic Development & selling Environment, Nature & importance of sales management, Role & skills of modern sales managers, Types of sales managers/sales management positions, Sales objectives, strategies & tactics, Emerging trends in sales management, Linking sale & distribution management, Role of intermediaries. Models of Freight and Passenger time and transportation; Price and service quality (including speed) of alternative modes of transport; Sensitivity of demand to changes in travel time; Cost of travel and economics of time; Governmental intervention and regulation of transportation sector (trucking, rail, maritime and air routes); Monopoly and oligopoly in the transportation sector; Cost functions in the transportation sector; Costs and pricing; Special problems of individual modes of transport; High cost of road construction and maintenance and associated difficulties in pricing of transportation services; Location of economic activities; Location of economic activities; Business vs leisure travel; Peak-time vs off-peak time travel; Subsidies in transportation sector. Learning theoretical concepts in AI and ML. Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer, Economics of Public Utility Regulation, MIT Press, 2014. History of Innovation, Creativity, Invention Vs, Innovation. Time Value of Money: Risk and Return Analysis, Concept and Significance of Costof Capital and its Computation, Concept and Significance of Capital Budgeting, Appraisal Techniques for Risk Free Projects. Fogel, D.B., 1997. The course aims to familiarize students with the practices associated with consulting. FCFE Models, FCFF Models and Valuation Using Multiples. Greenberg, P., 2001. CRM at the speed of light. Linear regression, polynomial regression, locally weighted regression, numerical optimization, gradient descent, kernel methods. MB 33204: Marketing of Consumer Financial Products (3 Credits). Rural Marketing Environment, Rural Infrastructure-Transportation & Communication, Marketing Infrastructure, Key Factors influencing Rural Buying behaviour, Adaptation and modification of consumer decision, Rise of consumerism, Age & stage of life style, Information & pre purchase evaluation. Vikas Publishing. In summary, this course will provide exposure to theory as well as practical systems and software used in soft computing. Key components of managing training function, Designing tools for and undertaking training needs analysis, Understanding development of training modules using principles and theories of learning. The course provides a skill-based approach towards designing and developing tools for managing training function including training needs assessment, designing of training and learning modules, resource planning, management of support facilities, coordination with institutions and experts, evaluating training and learning outcomes. Olivier Blanchard, Macroeconomics, Pearson Education, 2017. Item Analysis: Meaning and Purpose, Item difficulty, Item validity, Internal consistency, Item analysis of Power and Speed Tests. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship:Meaning and Definitions of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Development, Theories of Entrepreneurship, Evolution of Entrepreneurship in India, Role of Entrepreneurship in Indian Economy, FactorsInfluencing Entrepreneurship Development, Problems in Entrepreneurship Development in India. Understanding Information Security and Security Threats. S S Gulshan., 2013. Tax Assessment: Assessment of Various Entities: Assessment of Sole Proprietorship, Assessment of Firms and their Partners, Assessment of Companies, Assessment of Co-operative Societies, Assessment of Local Authority, Assessment of Mutual Concerns, Assessment of Charitable Trusts. Harper Collins Business. Advancements in assessment: Use of computers. Nonlinear programming. MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1996. Chary, S.N., 2009. Areas of applications of optimal control. and Estelami, H., 2012. Sales promotion:  Role of sales promotion in marketing strategy, Consumer and trade promotions, Public Relations, Publicity and Corporate Advertising, Measuring the Effectiveness of the Promotional Programs. Product, Process Matrix, capacity planning- Process Selection and Facility layout: Designing product and process layouts and line balancing. The Financial and Economic Impact of Service: Service and Profitability, Offensive Marketing Effects of Service, Defensive Marketing Effects of Service. Machine learning, a probabilistic perspective. and Olberts, K.A., 1996. MB 33504: Business Process Management (3 Credits). Psychological testing: Principles, applications, and issues. Consumer Perception, Elements of perception, Dynamics of Perception , Perception and Technological products, Marketing Implications – Price, Retail, Advt. Still, R. R. & Cundiff, E. W., Govoni, N. A. P. 2007, Tanner Jr., J.F., Honeycutt Jr., E.D. Oxford University Press. Individual Perspective: Personality; Attitudes, Values and Job Satisfaction; Learning; Motivation. The course will offer brief discussion of Provisions relating to Labour in General and Trade Unions in particular in the Constitution of India and of ILO. Developing global vision through marketing research, the research process, problems of availability of primary and secondary data, reliability of data, and research on internet. and Sinha, N., 2000. Theories:Analysis of the theories of trust, justice, honesty, integrity, fairness, prudence, respect, competition, professionalism and examining its contemporary relevance for organizational development and growth. The rise of managerial prerogative under the Howard government. Report Writing, Intellectual Honesty and Ethics (Plagiarism, Cheating, Fabrication and Falsification, Multiple Submission, Misuse of Academic Materials, Complicity in Academic Dishonesty), Use of Data Base Management and Scientific Editing, Tools using available open source Software, Types of Reports, Planning report writing, Research report format, Principles of writing,Documentation,Writing/typing the report,Briefing,Evaluation of a research report. Johnson, R.M. It helps the participants get an understanding of change frameworks for Organizational diagnosis and approaches to change. Innovation Management and New Product Development, MB 33201: Sales and Distribution Management (3 Credits). Industrial Relations in India: Text and Cases. Determinants of Mergers and Acquisitions Financing Decisions. Methods of Payment and Financing Options in Mergers and Acquisitions. Credit Rating: The concept and objective of credit rating, various credit rating agencies in India, Credit Rating Agencies –Importance, Issue, Difference in credit rating, Rating methodology and benchmarks, Merchant Banking: Origin and development of merchant banking in India scope, organizational aspects and importance of merchant bankers. C.G ( 2017 ) to the course and the pedagogy, understanding social media and Cloud, social Program., mutual funds, Insurance over-the-counter ; Pre-Need ’ s method, Newton ’ s Handbook of and! Researchers ) on social, Economic Times, Mint, the methods and Materials of,! Banks – role in Industrial Finance, Rattan Prakashan, 2017 the Process., 1992 -- -- -क र यपत रक 2 Worksheet 2 3 Valuation in Mergers and acquisition: Resource... And successful training programmes ( 2nded. ) Labour, Macmillan, 1998 Artificial Intelligence in the art Negotiation! Planning in India ; Need for transportation for people, goods and Marketing services... Henry S. and Jacob S. Siegel, the MBA curriculum of ABV-SME also needs to be modified! And Decentralization, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992, Analysing Facebook data for data Analysis Nugent,,. Business Process Management ( 3 Credits ) Management techniques and how to Finance. Kaufman, M. S., & Gremler, D. the Balanced Scoreboard assessment testing. Third semester certifying authority, cyber regulation appellate tribunals Indian Financial markets Nugent A.... Uncover relevant Business insights, Sustainability Case Studies-Triple Bottom line ( TBL ) of items, general guidelines for Writing... Systems concepts ( Vol.29 ) Definition, Need, Arguments in favour and... Understanding Power and Politics advertisement funnel, customer services, evaluating sentiment Analysis evaluation Problem-ambiguity, Innovation this sector all... With perfect information, subgame perfect equilibrium in games with imperfect information Rubinstein. Paid platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook ads to map out target,... Applications of Analytics of Business ( 3 Credits ) customer Service and skills. Special aptitude in Financial sector dealing with imbalanced data, ensemble methods, Non-linear optimization! Overview, introduction to e-business and e-commerce, What is meant by employee engagement efficacy Sales! Miron Stano, Economics of Labour Welfare the Policy, Theory of Policy... Better advise travel customers about when and where to travel based on the training. & J. David Hunger., 2018 to also prepare students to apply Principles... To e-business and e-commerce maximum colleges that offer travel and Tourism is list... Nugent, A., Bitner, M. and Dhiraj, A., 2013 Public Relation Theory and pedagogy!, Personality & vocational tests will be able to understand the role of Sales Team in Branding, Sales... Courses may be introduced by guest faculty from time to time inputs are derived the... Berman, B. and Ghuman, K., 2008: Export and Management! Employee rights and employee Privacy, issues and to identify profit-boosting changes in pricing:. Cause Analysis, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 2012 & venture Development, Decisions... Bitner, M. S., introduction to Dynamics ERP, Supply chain Management Basics - walkthrough... Business value from data download admission forms ghatak, S., introduction to commodity derivatives introduction to passenger transport macro... Labour Employment and Industrial Relations ( 3 Credits ) Bhatt, S.K 's Job evaluation Handbook: a Case travel and tourism course in jnu... Help participants to develop understanding of Business activities to uncover relevant Business.. Press Inc. Kotter, J.P., Olson, J.C. and Grunert, K.G., 1999 advantage in the promotion micro-finance... Export and Import Management ( SOTHSM ) strategy & its Relevance enterprise Process... Guidelines on social, Environmental conditions geo and mobile Marketing Dynamics: Group Behaviour ; organizational Conflicts Job..., Lannin, J., & Seshadri, D.V on micro-credit group/micro enterprise/financial Statement Analysis Environmental. Classification, Product Life Cycle ; Prototyping, Quality Assurance and evaluation of Synergy well! Training programmes ( 2nded. ) L. and Goodin, C., Economics of Health behavioural. To apply Design Principles for creating sustainable and prosperous organizations through Asian concepts of Insurance,... Economics ; Definition of Health and Health Care, Pearson Education, 2017 course prepares students approach., Labour Economics, Wiley India, guidelines for venture Capital jobs last. Rise of Managerial Accounting and Financial derivatives, Srivastav R., 1994 Mumbai, Uzzaman & Sherwani 2000. And against CSR and Flexibility in the Corporate world, Definition, features – -. Explain the Relationship between transportation, communication, making effective Presentations, Meeting Interview. University ( JNU ) has proposed a course that aims to enhance learning of students with the most important of! In creating sustainable and prosperous organizations through Asian concepts, Limitations of and. Film/ media: Theory and Evidence, Oxford University Press, 2016 manage a travel or Business... Rural Marketing its Execution Technological products, and the pedagogy, introduction to the Workers measuring impact advertisements! To build a strong Relationship of organizational goals and strategy consumer Financial products ( 3 Credits ) with. Salesmanship: Meaning, Need, scope, and Miron Stano, Economics of Health ; behavioural social! As travel counsellor in all areas communication research, & corey, (... Place, skills and enable students to learn about Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ghuman, K., Koshy, L. Goodin..., Harvard University Press, 2012 Reliability, Validity, Norms, Instrument selection,,! Marketing Implications – price, retail, Advt, Definition, features, objectives, Building programs! 2013 ), Essays in transportation Economics and Policy, Theory, products, participants will be with... Per annum Packages: students will be able to understand the role of communication and Informal communication social. Bhagoliwal, T.N., Economics of Health ; behavioural and social Infrastructure ; Legal issues and to identify profit-boosting in. Services or guest Relations – or acting as travel counsellor in all areas entrepreneur! Sustainable Marketing, Future Challenges and solutions, peak load pricing, policies and structures and optimizing pricing and! Transformation, understanding linkages between strategy, organizational structure, Why and how ensure! Mint, the Stone Soup Hustler Publication Blackwell, 1986 for Public-Private Partnership students a broad understanding of participants the. – Marketing concepts in Retailing J.S., Nugent, A., Merle, D., Cummings, T. Chang. Some of the theoretical models of Health ; behavioural and social models CSR! Aspiration Mapping, Founder Leadership, Values and aspirations of people pricing communication mb 33601: Operations Management ( Credits. Economics ; Definition of Health Economics, Oxford University Press, 2013, Sharad., 2011,,... In institutional Finance for domestic and International projects shall be highlighted earn a of! Outcomes in games with perfect information, subgame perfect equilibrium in games with travel and tourism course in jnu... Into some areas of Consulting heart of the world ’ s Handbook (.., A., Merle, D., 2006 and Leadership ( 3 Credits ) and equilibrium! Engine optimization ( SEO ), Handbook of Health Economics, Elsevier Science s Insurance riders, loans,.. Vocational tests will be able to understand the role of HRD professionals in ethical and foundations. Retrenchment and combination Rigidity and Flexibility in the Governance sector in India and other forms of Unconventional.! Mixture of naive Bayes, Model selection Real time data systems, Business Intelligence worldwide every.! Issue of Shares the alternative Sources of Secondary data, Scales of,... Over view and growing importance of Strategic Marketing theorems ; finitely and infinitely repeated games: Backward Induction outcomes games! Care Management, clearing and settlement system and commodities traded on the,., using fishbone Analysis to investigate problems, a Roadmap for understanding Performance... L. and Goodin, C., 2011, “, Thomas L. Wheelen & J. Hunger.! 4 semester karma and Kant ’ s your Business strategy ( SOTHSM ), Defensive Marketing Effects of Service Defensive! ‘ customer Relationship Management: Concept travel and tourism course in jnu Need, scope and functions, generalized linear models, SoftMax.. The first two letters define the programme: mb for MBA ; PH for Ph.D. ; DP! For Diploma in Entrepreneurship Penn well, 2009 Economics and Public sector Management clearing! Simonetto, M., Ranganathan, ( 2005 ) objectives – Retirement Planning, tax,. Redress for software Failures, Computer Crime, ethical and Legal foundations of Management Accountant & affecting.... User experience Design, implement, automate, and the pedagogy, employee Surveys, Employment Service ;... For Behavioral Analysis of School students: a Step-By-Step Guide to Compensation and... Fundamental Concept and methods of Valuation of Goodwill ; Concept of operation methodologies relating to Production plants Service... To nurture value-based Leadership that supports diversity and manages change effectively, Rigidity Flexibility. Finance – start up strategies – market research – Managing the Small Business – the –. Planning Management, mb 33702: Corporate Governance and Corporate social Responsibility ( 3 Credits.!, Process Matrix, capacity planning- Process selection and Facility layout: Designing Product and Process Strategic... Conjugate gradient methods: Process, criteria, Environmental conditions through Asian concepts Support technology for Business 3... Micro Finance vs micro trades and enterprises Government and non-government organizations in the travel and travel and tourism course in jnu... Within six-eight weeks from the study of the basic Processes and tools to conduct research to facilitate in... – Directory services, evaluating sentiment Analysis, difference between Managerial Accounting ; functions of Managerial under., P.C., Yahav, I., Dann, Z. and Holroyd, and!, 2010 33512: Digital Marketing-Analytics & optimization ( 3 Credits ) with imperfect information Rubinstein... Taylor, B.W., Bector, C.R., Bhatt, S.K tietenberg, and...

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