What is GMR?

GMR is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal available at no charge to readers via the Internet on the FUNPEC-RP (Ribeirão Preto Foundation for Research) website [www.funpecrp.com.br].

What are GMR's aims and scope?

The overall aim of GMR is to publish original, outstanding research papers in the areas of genetics, molecular biology, and evolution.

Why a new journal?

GMR has been launched to streamline the process of publication and to make these publications readily available to the scientific community. The editorial staff at GMR maintains the same structure and procedures of the print journals it has worked with previously, but with reduced costs due to elimination of printing and mailing processes. Further, lead time to publication is considerably reduced. After extensive consultation with scientists, financing institutions, and indexing agencies, we concluded that there was a need for a high-quality electronic journal accessible at no charge to anyone, anywhere, at any time.